Success with Presentations

Success with Presentations

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Ideal for:

  • Intermediate to advanced non-native speakers of English
  • Professionals in companies
  • Graduate students and researchers presenting research in seminars or conferences

Success with Presentations Workbook 

Have you wanted to improve your presentation so your listeners will accept and appreciate your ideas? The Success with Presentations workbook introduces cultural presentation techniques and exercises along with pronunciation strategies that can quickly improve your formal and informal presentations. The workbook includes improvement exercises, phrases, techniques, planning worksheets, feedback forms, and strategies that you can practice on your own or in a class. See chapter descriptions below.


This practical video demonstrates native and non-native speakers of English giving successful presentations [MH1] and includes specific techniques and pronunciation strategies to make your   presentation powerful and effective. It includes demonstrations of attention-getting introductions, useful transitions, clear explanations, a dynamic conclusion, and effective handling of questions. Presenters also demonstrate nonverbal aspects such as good eye contact, creating audience rapport, body movement, volume, and rate of speech. These elements, along with effective pronunciation will give your speech the results you want.

Workbook Lesson Details:

Unit 1: Audience Analysis

Narrowing the topic

Cultural comparisons


Gathering material

Visualizing the room set-up

Unit 2: An Attention Getting Introduction

Attention getters

Establishing credibility

Presenting purpose and overview statements

Unit 3: A Well-Marked Roadmap

Clear outline


Internal summaries

Rhetorical questions

Unit 4: A Clear Explanation

Defining key terms and concepts

Using specific examples

Providing sufficient support

Using recovery tactics

Unit 5: A Dynamic Conclusion

Giving a substantial conclusion

Signaling your conclusion

Effective delivery

Unit 6: Supplementary Visual Aids

Planning and preparation


Unit 7: An Understandable Delivery

Eliminating fillers

Volume and breathing

Rate, pausing and emphasis

Crisply enunciated key terms

Dramatic contrasts

Enthusiastic intonation patterns

Unit 8: Creating Audience Rapport

General appearance

Eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures

Use of space

Use of pronouns and questions

Unit 9: Interaction: Handling Questions and Responding

Initiating interaction

Handling responses

Response to interruptions

Clarifying questions

Acknowledging and incorporating questions

Answering directly, clearly and concisely

Confirming satisfaction

Hedging answers

Predicting questions

Unit 10: Special Situations

Group presentations

Unplanned presentations

Impromptu presentations

Expressing opinions or debates

About the Authors

Colleen Meyers and Sheryl Holt are both advanced ESL instructors at the University of Minnesota, teaching pronunciation and writing for over 30 years each. They have taught teaching assistants, business professionals, and graduate and undergraduate students in the United States and many countries around the world. They are frequent presenters at local and national conferences such as TESOL and NAFSA.  Their long experience in the classroom has contributed to the practical and easy-to-use strategies that have been tested with students from over 50 countries.