Pronunciation Fun

Pronunciation Fun

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2 Videos and reproducible worksheets

Pronunciation Activities on DVD: Songs, Poems, Skits and Games
These dynamic, interactive videos are filled with skits, poems, songs , follow-along activities and group games that reinforce the concepts presented in the Pronunciation for Success Student Course. It can be used to augment a pronunciation course or with any speaking curriculum. Each unit begins with muscle-building or warm-up activities and then moves on to more interactive, fun activities to reinforce the concepts. Units can be played in sequence or activities can be shown separately. Students will have so much fun doing the activities that they will hardly realize they are practicing pronunciation skills.

Reproducible Worksheets
Many of the skit dialogues, student activities, lyrics and words are on easy-to-use worksheets that can be printed for students in the class.

Lesson Details

Unit 1: The Basics
Awareness activities for open-mouth movements
Muscle building follow-along activities
Advice from other students

Unit 2: Enunciation of Consonants
Muscle-building for initial and final consonants
Tongue twisters
Chants, cheers and proverbs
Lip-reading activities
Consonant-cluster activities

Unit 3: Enunciation of Vowels
Muscle-building follow-along activities
Lip-reading activities
Rhymalogues and proverbs
Enunciation song

Unit 4: Stress
Word stress game
Sentence stress warm-up activity
Rhymalogues, chants, poems and proverbs
Original song
Contrastive stress exercise

Unit 5: Breathing, Volume and Thought Groups
Follow-along breathing activities
Skits for volume, breathing and thought groups
Song for breathing and thought groups

Unit 6: Intonation
Awareness exercise
Question intonation dialogues
Classroom games

Unit 7: Linking
Linking exercises
Follow-along song

Unit 8: Small Talk
Follow-along small-talk techniques
Small talk skits for business, school and friends
Advice from fellow students

Unit 9: Compensation Strategies
Skits with compensation skills
Advice from students

Skits present realistic situations using professional actors. Each skit is short enough for students to use as models for their own role plays. Although the skits focus on pronunciation skills, they can also be used effectively for other speaking functions including:

Business Settings:
Setting up a meeting
Exchanging money
Making an appointment
Business small talk
Meeting a new co-worker

Student-Teacher Settings:
Questions about an assignment
Rescheduling an exam
Questioning a grade
Small talk in school
Clarifying a lecture question

Social / Other Settings:
Social small talk
Airport announcement
Radio call-in show
Emergency call

About the Authors

Colleen Meyers and Sheryl Holt are both advanced ESL instructors at the University of Minnesota, teaching pronunciation and writing for over 30 years each. They have taught teaching assistants, business professionals, and graduate and undergraduate students in the United States and many countries around the world. They are frequent presenters at local and national conferences such as TESOL and NAFSA.  Their long experience in the classroom has contributed to the practical and easy-to-use strategies that have been tested with students from over 50 countries.